Pet Rest Garden

As excited as we are to say “hello” to a new patient, there comes a time when we must also say “good-bye.” In most instances, a human’s life span is much longer than our special pet. When it is time to say “good-bye,” Woodland Veterinary Center is here to help.

Woodland Veterinary Center offers palliative and end of life care. Palliative care manages your pet’s health while knowing the time to say “good-bye” is near. End of life care assists your pet when palliative care is no longer an option and we must say “good-bye.”

Sometimes your own surroundings are more comfortable. If that be the case, we can come to you. To find out more, please call the office at 219-879-0249.

For cremation services, we work in collaboration with Pet Rest Inc. For more information please visit their website