Helping to keep your pet healthy is as important to us as it is to you! One of the ways we can help keep your pet healthy is by offering Wellness Plans.

What is a Wellness Plan?

A Wellness Plan is a group of selected treatments and services offered throughout a 12-month period. These preventive care items are selected based on your pet’s age and/or needs. Your Wellness Plan will include vaccinations and/ or vaccinal blood titers, physical exam(s), and laboratory testing. Most additional services that may not be covered in your plan will be offered at a special plan rate.

Why chose a Wellness Plan?

Wellness Plans offer the flexibility of monthly payments. They also offer extensive preventive care that can catch and manage conditions before clinical signs appear. In addition, special rates apply to most other services and products if your pet should need non-preventative care during the plan’s duration.

Plan information can be viewed by clicking:

Please contact us today at (219) 879-0249 if you have any questions about Wellness Plans or would like to sign up.